I got everything that was sent today. The picture of the boys is amazing!!! I couldn't be happier!!! Today is my husband and my 29th anniversary. What a great anniversary present. Warmest regards. Lori H
The picture we ordered arrived in perfect condition and looks marvelous in our home. Thanks to Thomas for his personal time in helping us make our choice. Donald S
We loved the art - thank you so much, we'll look at it often with gratitude. Sylvia K -Texas
Your Portrait Presentation 

Over twenty years ago we pioneered an exciting new way to view your portrait images.

Instead of viewing tiny paper proofs or low resolution images online, you will see your portraits as part of a special presentation, now done by video conference in the comfort of your home.  What a thrill it is to see your images in such exquisite detail.  Years ago, we had to wait weeks to see the images.  You will even be able to see your favorite portraits shown to scale on your own wall.  This makes it so easy to visualize.

As a special bonus to you, discounted pricing is in effect for all orders placed at the premier presentation.  You will SAVE 20% on this price schedule.  Orders placed later are at regular prices.

We know how excited you will be to see your portraits come to life on screen.  We want you to see them in all their detail, in an appropriate size, just as they will hang on your wall.   Mr. Fallon can then guide you as you choose the final poses and sizes for your wall. 

What will you need for this session?

1) Plenty of time.  We allow two hours so you will not feel rushed.  Do not schedule another activity for afterward.  Allow the full time so you can enjoy this process.
2} Photographs of the walls where you will display portraits.
3} Familiarity with our pricing and a determination of your budget.
4} A sitter for young children.
5} Everyone who wants to have a voice in the decisions should be present..

It is our pleasure to have helped families with fine portraits for over thirty years.  We know the best way to view the images and make choices.  Methods like old-fashioned paper proofs, and especially low-resolution images posted online are totally inadequate for our style of photography.  We do not use those methods.  We are certain you will find that viewing your images in the highest detail is the easiest and best way to select fine portraits. 

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