I just received the photo. It is gorgeous! Thank you! Kristin - NJ
It was a great and painless experience. Thomas really put me at ease . And the final product was beautiful . Will try to book again next year! Irma -Texas
Thomas provides high quality family portraits with superior artistry. The customer service interaction is top notch. The final product is incredible. Brett -Texas
Correct Portrait Sizes

Most people are understandably confused when it comes to picking the best portrait size.

Two factors are important.  The most important factor is the viewing distance.  Consider that a wallet-sized portrait may be adequate if held in your hand and viewed from a few inches away.  A ten or fifteen-inch portrait may look well on a desk at two or three feet away.  Simply maintain that size relationship when you select a portrait for the wall.  More important than the overall size is the size of the faces in the portrait.  Size the portrait so that you can enjoy each face and expression from your typical viewing distance as you relax in the room.  Your intent is to have a size that can be viewed comfortably without feeling the need to walk up to it.  Nothing will change the personality of the room like a fine portrait of the people you love.  Size it adequately for your enjoyment whenever you are in the room.

A second factor is the overall size as it relates to the wall.  Bring us a rough sketch of the area where the portrait will hang, with measurements.  If, for instance, the portrait will go over the mantle, give us the width of the mantle and the distance to the ceiling.  As a general rule, a portrait should be half to two-thirds the width of the object it hangs above.

We hear from a few clients who want to relegate the family portrait to a desk size.  Decades ago, a decorator named Emily Post started that thinking.  It is not the fifties any more.  You can enjoy a desk size portrait when you pick it up to dust it.  You can enjoy a beautiful wall portrait every time you enter the room.  Which will pay more dividends to you over the decades?

You should determine the size for the portrait in advance of the session so that Mr. Fallon can plan the images accordingly.  When you see you images at the premier portrait presentation, we will show them projected or on a large monitor to simulate actual finished sizes.  This will allow you to visualize the impact your chosen images will have in your home.

Your family portrait is the most important piece of art you will own.  It will bring you the most joy, for many years to come.  It deserves the premier place for display in your home.  Scale it be in proper proportions and it will make a delightful impact in your room.

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