I wanted to share with you how lovely the piece turned out that Thomas and I worked on for home. Bethany your follow up was exceptional, and your patience was great while I was in the middle of making room for this piece. It absolutely looks gorgeous in my home and we have received many compliments already. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Your eye for detail and your wonderful suggestions go along way. All the best to you and I look forward to doing more business in the future. Vicky N Maryland

Some Final Notes

Thanks for trusting us with your family memories.

For your benefit, we do not offer paper proofs or online proofs.  Those methods are not adequate for selecting fine portraits.  Make sure everyone who wants a voice in the selection and purchase of portraits is at the premier portrait presentation. 

We always guarantee your total satisfaction.  If you are not completely happy with everything we do, we will be happy to make any revision needed to ensure you are pleased. Orders are non-refundable.  We do work by appointment and our travel schedule is usually booked weeks or months in advance. 

Please understand that we hold appointments for you to the exclusion of any other clients.  Before you schedule with us, please make sure you have a firm time commitment from every family member.  Be sure they understand how important the portrait is to you.  Appointment cancellations may result in forfeit of your session fee or in voiding your gift certificate. We do not offer digital copies of our images.  Every Thomas Fallon portrait is hand-finished by our artisans.  It would not be true to our artistic intent to release images without the finishing touches which complete the art pieces.

We cannot make changes to your order after uploading to ourprint maker. Prepare for your session by deciding in advance on sizes and locations for portraits.  That will make your selections a simple matter of picking the images you like best. 

Thomas is always available to answer questions or help with planning your portraits.  Email is the best way to reach him as he makes his way around the country and he will answer promptly.  After almost four decades of professional photography, he is sure to have the answer for any issue concerning your portraits.

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